More than ever it is important to have full visibility and control over your supply chain and fully understand the customs and trade compliance requirements of any cross border movements. Customs & Trade Consultancy prides itself with helping companies to obtain full visibility of its supply chain and understand the customs and trade compliance requirements and consequences of cross border movements.


The aim of Customs & Trade Consultancy is to use Arjen’s international experience, international network and passion for international trade in providing companies involved with importing and exporting with a pragmatic and pro-active approach in dealing with complex customs and international trade issues.

Customs & Trade

An operational and proactive approach will allow companies to manage external parties such as customs brokers and effectively monitor the relevant duty cost. Services include implementation of customs relief and suspension regimes, utilizing available trade agreements, identification of customs saving opportunities, risk mitigation; all of which are focussed on improving the quality of the customs and trade activities and making the supply chain more effective.


Cutraco Customs & Trade Consultancy Ltd. supports you in:
Customs duty calculation

Customs duty calculation

Customs valuation Customs classification Preferential origin

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Customs certification & accreditation

Customs certification & accreditation

Authorised Economic Operator Awareness and training services Self-assessment services Process and control improvement plan Maintenance program

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Compliance & operational

Compliance & operational

Process and control reviews Customs broker management Declaration and quality management Duty saving programs Customs warehousing Customs processing End use and Tariff suspension Preferential origin management Supply chain impact assessment Operational and change management review

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Mergers & acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions

M&A support and risk identification Authorisation and license management Reorganisation and integration implementation

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