Customs & Trade

The Global customs and trade landscape is changing.

Customs legislation changes frequently and the customs authorities’ application of customs legislation is subject to individual interpretation. As a result, moving goods cross borders is becoming increasingly complex and can be costly and resource intensive.

Furthermore, an increased focus on border security and import / export regulations can delay the supply chain of importing and exporting companies.

More than ever it is important to have full visibility and control over your supply chain and fully understand the customs and trade compliance requirements of any cross border movements. Non-compliance with customs and trade provisions or full reliance on third parties can lead to challenges, delays and additional cost.

Customs & Trade Consultancy prides itself with helping companies to obtain full visibility of its supply chain and understand the customs and trade compliance requirements and consequences of cross border movements. This will allow companies to effectively operate in the international trade environment and avoid unnecessary delays and additional cost for doing trade.

An operational and proactive approach will allow companies to manage external parties such as customs brokers and effectively monitor the relevant duty cost. Services include implementation of customs relief and suspension regimes, utilizing available trade agreements, identification of customs saving opportunities, risk mitigation; all of which are focussed on improving the quality of the customs and trade activities and making the supply chain more effective.

Customs & Trade Consultancy applies a very pragmatic and proactive approach and have significant experience in working closely together with a variety of in-house roles such as finance, logistics, supply chain and tax.