VAT Compliance

Our services enable you to be fully VAT compliant so you can focus on your business

What we do

Cutraco provides specialised VAT compliance services, helping companies to determine their international VAT requirements and obligations, which differ from country to country. We provide operational support in all VAT areas, so you can focus on the business. 

Our VAT compliance services:

VAT registration

Understanding whether a VAT registration is required, and which alternatives can be considered is a prerequisite to ensure VAT compliance. If a VAT registration is required, Cutraco supports in preparing and submitting all required documents. 

If a local Fiscal Representative is required to obtain your VAT registration, we can support in identifying an appropriate Fiscal Representative in the relevant countries.

With our help, your VAT registration will be a smooth and efficient process. 

Fiscal representation

Certain countries require a fiscal representation. A fiscal representative is a tax registered company who will act in your behalf and takes care of your administrative obligations and manages VAT affairs by dealing with the local tax authorities. Fiscal representatives furthermore provide financial security.

We offer a complete package to our clients by requesting and arranging a  fiscal representative in the relevant country and setting up a payment portal for local taxes. 

VAT reporting

Benefit from accurate reports, save time on tax errors and reduce the risk of compliance penalties. Our VAT compliance solution saves you time and money, letting you focus on your business 

VAT registration requires businesses to comply with local VAT and statistical reporting obligations. Cutraco provides an end-to-end compliance filing service ensuring that your relevant VAT and statistical filings are reported accurately and timely. Our services include:

  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns 
  • Monitoring of VAT rate changes 
  • European Sales Listings for EU cross-border sales
  • Intrastat returns for EU cross-border movements 
  • One Stop Shop (Union Scheme) returns 
  • Import One Stop Shop (iOSS) returns
  • Ancillary and annual reporting (where required)

Our VAT reporting solution

Our portal solution manages all your VAT and related compliance obligations in a secure and central database. It therefore offers a streamlined solution to access all filing obligations, submit source data, review and approve returns, receive reminders and payment instructions as well as monitor progress. Key features include: 

  • Secure online portal for all VAT and statistical compliance obligations
  • Agile adaptation to specific requirements 
  • Cloud-based storage ensuring full data security, including audit full audit trail of all VAT filings
  • Includes an overview of all your upcoming filings, filings in progress and completed filings
  • Automated provision of reminders to submit and approve filings
  • Automated provision of submitted filings
  • Payment instructions

Our approach

Cutraco adopts an onboarding process with the customer to set up our systems to make sure everything is ready prior to processing VAT filings. 

Our solution to fulfil the VAT and statistical reporting obligations consists of 5 simple steps:

Incorporation of legal entity

It may be necessary (e.g. for legal or practical reasons) to establish a company to ensure continuity and supplies into the market. 

We have developed a framework that supports non established companies to take an informed decision on whether a establishment is required or beneficial and what this would entail. In the event that it is required or beneficial to establish a company, we can support with the establishment and ongoing compliance of key filings and (tax) returns. 

The first aspect is the establishing / setting up of the company. Our activities will include all relevant company and tax registrations as well as a standard setup of a user-friendly (cloud based) book-keeping system and includes: 

  • Forming a private company with a name of your choice, including appointment of up to 2 Directors
  • Draft general articles of incorporation
  • Register the company 
  • Register the company for Corporation Tax 
  • Prepare for the company’s approval and register for VAT and EORI 
  • Support with setting up a registered address

The second aspect consists of the activities that are required to maintain the company, including acting as company address, prepare and submit all relevant registration and tax filings as well as the book-keeping system and includes:

  • preparing and submiting quarterly VAT returns
  • preparing and submiting annual accounts 
  • preparing and submiting annual statements and changes of the company registration
  • preparing and submiting annual corporate tax return
  • maintaining book-keeping software 

Please get in touch with one of our VAT experts at to discuss your needs.