Customs Registrations and Authorisations

Understanding which customs registration and authorisations your company needs or can benefit from, can be challenging. In addition, finding out which forms to complete and how to answer all the questions, could be even more difficult. Resource constraints can cause further challenges.

Customs & Trade Consultancy supports in fully understanding which customs registrations and authorisations are required and how to complete and submit the relating application forms. Our services include assessment and guidance of impact and cost, allowing companies to make an informed decision which customs procedures and / or authorisations can be considered and what key requirements should be addressed to obtain an authorisations and operate a customs procedure.

We also support and provide guidance with drafting and submitting the appropriate forms and questionnaires or alternatively, complete and submit the paperwork on behalf of the company. We help to save time with preparing for the application as well as with drafting and completing the paperwork. Furthermore, we provide guidance and training supporting smoother future submissions.

Doing this right from the start helps companies to be compliant and have optimised customs processes and authorisations which are tailor-made for the company’s supply chain.

Types of customs registrations and authorisation

Customs & Trade Consultancy will advise which type of customs registrations and authorisation are relevant and provide options and alternatives to support the business case. This includes:

How we work

Our support is flexible but focusses around fully understanding which customs registrations and authorisations are relevant for a company as well as what the impact / saving opportunity is of those registrations and authorisations. We support in creating the business case and ensure that a well-informed decision can be taken, which is supported by management.

We provide clear, operational and practical insights in the requirements for obtaining and operating customs authorisations as well as advise on the process of the application. Where required, we support in assessment of the processes and controls as well as identifying and implementing improvement areas.

We also support with preparing, reviewing and completing the application for customs registrations and authorisations in collaboration with the company’s key stakeholder(s) as well as engage and communicate with customs and tax authorities together or on behalf of the applicant.